Salley Special Applications

Housing Sub - Special Application Series


Fully submersible / water proof shock resistant camera housing. Ideal for any underwater inspection or filming activity. Universal pcb camera fittings. Does not require heater or cooling fan.

50 mt. max operating depth

Material: ABS/Fiberglass combination, Plexiglas Margard treated front lens
Dimensions: 9cm x 11cm
Operating Temperature:  - 60C to + 75C
Color: dual Black/Yellow (as per photo)
Accessories: connecting cable (20mt.) / RG-11 Allen wrench


  Tel 1 - Special Application Series








Pin hole color 300 X magnifying camera especially designed for tricological and forensic purposes. Very useful for any close up or microscopic examination of material. Fits easily in the palm of your hand.

Camera: 420 Lines - 1.5 lux - AGC - contact us for further details.

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TEL2 - Special Applications Series



Laboratory colour camera especially designed to fit any microscope viewer.

Camera: 420 Lines - 1.5 lux - AGC 

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