Salley Illuminators

DPO500/300 - Illuminator Series

The DPO500/300 is Salley’s most POWERFUL ILLUMINATORS available. 

This two-piece illuminator is constructed in the same die-cast aluminium housing  guarantees a wide area coverage of more than 100 metres.  

The illuminator is complete with a powerful halogen lamp and also features an exhaust valve to reduce the wear of the filter glass and ensure a longer life. 

A real heavy duty illuminator!

 Download DPO500 Tech Details  DPO500

 Download DPO500 Tech Details   DPO300


  DPO100 - Illuminator Series

The Salley DPO100 is a state-of-the-art die cast aluminium and stainless steel halogen infrared enclosure.

It is fully functional with an 12V/24V AC power supply.  With an IP64 rating, the illuminator features an exhaust valve and comes with with a fully adjustable “U” bracket mount and choice of various lamps.

The DPO100 provides coverage of up to 80 metres guaranteeing a complete secure night vision.

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  DPO50 - Illuminator Series

The Salley DPO50 is one of the strongest and most durable outdoor/indoor halogen infrared illuminators.  

Manufactured in a die-cast aluminium, it operates at a medium power supply, 12V AC and includes both a halogen lamp and an adjustable U-shaped Mounting Bracket, which can be fixed to the wall or ceiling. 

With an IP64 rating, it ensures a secure night vision of up to 30 metres and is highly recommended for a range of outdoor and indoor areas.

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  DPI20 - Illuminator Series

One of the smallest indoor infrared illuminators that represents the ideal compact solution for night security for any internal application. 

 It operates at a power supply of 12V/20W and is available in three 3 models with differing angles.  Upon request, Salley is able to quote an automatic light sensor.

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