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H33 **NEW** - Housing Series

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The H33 is Salley's largest innovative weatherproof housing suitable for both outdoor & indoor installations in particularly large areas. 

Made from a high-resistance ABS/Nylon, it guarantees complete protection against all environmental conditions, as well as being impact-resistant.  The H33 allows you to choose various fitting cameras and lens and its internal dimensions are suitable to fit a transformer and/or radio transmission device.

The latest product development is the addition of a new cable management bracket which hides and protects the cable and sunshield.

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H9 - Housing Series

H9 - Housing Series

The H9 is one of the most reliable & practical products for outdoor installations.  

Made from high-resistance ABS/Nylon, it custom fits most CCD Cameras and is now available with a new cable management bracket.  Complete with a stylish aluminium sunshield, the frontal window can be quickly removed, allowing for easy access and maintenance.

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  H8 - Housing Series

H8 - Housing Series

The H8 not only looks great, but is one of Salley's most successful outdoor/indoor enclosures.  With a fully adjustable 360° radius bracket, the housing is small and lightweight and fits neatly in the palm of your hand.

It is super strong and has been manufactured using an injection-molded ABS/Nylon to guarantee total protection against all environmental and temperature conditions.  With an IP67 rating, it proves to be one of the most effective products for a surveillance security solution. 

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  H8 Super - Housing Series

The H8 SUPER is an innovative weatherproof housing for indoor/outdoor installations. 

Made of an injection-molded ABS/Nylon resin it is totally weatherproof in hot and cold climates.  The special material guarantees complete insulation from extreme temperature and doesn’t require an internal heating or cooling unit. 

The H8 SUPER also features an innovative opening mechanism to allow easy interior access and its internal dimensions make it suitable for SMALL cameras equipped with fixed-focus lenses or all-board cameras.

- See technical data for realistic dimensions 


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  H7 - Housing Series  

The H7 is extremely durable and practical for a variety of surveillance solutions.  

A unqiue combination of die-cast aluminium, stainless steel and nylon, this housing is strong, light and stylish. Internal space allows most PCB cameras to be installed and the housing can be customised with a range of accessories.  The U-Bracket makes it particularly easy to install and adaptable in many environments.

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  H6 - Housing Series  

The H6 is made from a special injection-molded Nylon and does not require an internal heating or cooling unit. 

With an IP66 rating, the housing is suitable in all weather and temperature conditions. The frontal window is made in a flame-restardant VO Margard and the inbuilt sunshield is effective in protecting the unit and in improving air circulation.

A number of customisation options are available, such as an aluminium sunshield (subject to conditions).

- See technical data for realistic dimensions 

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  H5 - Housing Series  

The H5 is one of Salley's original and fully functional outdoor/indoor nylon housings.

The internal space allows most PCB cameras to be fitted and the housing is sold complete with an internal support bracket and external sunshield and bracket.

ADDED ADVANTAGE:  Internal space for power transformer unit.

- See technical data for realistic dimensions 

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